Ways & Means At Home

From Our Kitchen To Yours

Ever wondered how some people produce perfect gourmet meals in their kitchens at home? Want to know how they get food to taste so good? Where they find those crazy little gadgets that make life in the kitchen easier? Well, the answer is Ways & Means at Home.


Ways & Means Oyster House has taken years to create an array of perfect recipes, perfect techniques, perfect food pairings. Some freely, others not so much, but we have the Ways and Means to get the inside scoop when it comes to the “how” and the “what” that is used to create the magic there. And we are here to share those secrets with you, from
“Our Kitchen to Yours.”


Come in to browse. Select one of our unique rubs, house made sauces, or carefully orchestrated spice combinations to use at home. Your love of all things culinary will be rekindled with chef-inspired contraptions and concoctions from around the globe; kitchen small wares, culinary apparel, the finest quality cookware, funky tableware and the coolest barware. Sample local olive oils, vinegars, jams, and honeys.


Can glasses really make a difference to the taste of wine? You’ll have to try for yourself to see. We carry a unique collection of glasses that turn wine into a celebration.  And speaking of wine, Ways & Means has launched our own private wine label; selected to pair beautifully with our cuisine and yours. You’ll find it among the other interesting wines we have to offer.  We like to show them off, so we will often have some sips for you to sample.


And remember to swing by the at Home shop the next time you’re headed for the beach. Pick up a picnic basket – chef’s choice or made-to-order – a couple of chilled drinks, and you’ll be ready to make the beach your own.

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